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Lab 8 Travis

In this lab we were to connect with TravisCI. I had some experience with Travis thanks to my 0.1 release bug, but it was interesting to be able to read more and actually connect to it from scratch. All of the requests made to Travis are done through a .travis.yml file, where you tell it how to configure, build and test the project. I wrote some tests in order to check whether or not the code I wrote in Python on the previous lab was working as intended, in a way that would be automated. My testing framework was pytest. Everything went along very smoothly, and it didn't take too long to see a very happy sight: a green checkmark on my Travis build.

Lab 6/7 Github Stuff

The tasks for this lab allowed me to get a little more familiar with Github. We were to design a library, and to do so we first had to create 4 functions. They had to show the filename without the path, show the file size in bytes, and finally the last two had to show the sha1 and MD5 digest for a file's path. In terms of languages used, I chose Python since it is one of the languages I chose to focus more on this term. License wise, I picked BSD3. I created a repo and published all of my code on to the master branch. As for the last part of this lab, I contributed towards someone's lab, by using an example with some code that I saw online. I have yet to receive an answer on whether this piece of code helped or not, but hopefully it leads them in the right direction, if it doesn't solve the issue altogether. Contributing to someone else's code is something that we got some first hand experience with thanks to our release 0.1 assignment, but this was good reinforcement …