Lab 10 - Getting Started on 0.2

  • How will you try to grow during this release? What are your goals (e.g., work on larger bugs, try to do more bugs, learn technology X, ...)
I want to land a fix, since for my first release, it didn't get accepted. Although it was a very valuable learning experience, which felt pretty close to a victory, it still wasn't the real thing. I want my code to land and make an impact.

  • Which projects did you consider? What made you end up choosing one over the others? How did you decide?
I looked around for a lot of gaming related projects. Eventually I stumbled into Destiny Item Manager, which is an app I have used in the past while playing the game. 

  • Which bugs are you going to work on (include links)? - this was quick work, simply wanted to help out thanks to me knowing Portuguese. I have already submitted a pull request.  - This is an enhancement which requires me not only to add new code, but also work with Destiny's API. I think working on this will be pretty neat.

(Will add more if time permits)

  • Which bugs are you saving as backups in case something goes wrong?
I am saving these as backup:

The reason why these will be saved as backup is due to the application itself not being completely implemented yet for Windows. The setting up of the development and testing environments is proving to be a little tricky, and if there is something I learned from release 0.1, is that I'd much rather spend more time coding, than troubleshooting.

  • How will you use the time you have left in the semester to get this done? You have other courses, holidays, etc, and still need to find time for this. What is your plan?
My plan, which I have been working on until now, was to finish the main bulk of school work from other subjects. Although there is still work left, knowing that I can spend more time trying to fix bugs, rather than catching up on missed material from the strike is pretty great.
  • What do you need to know in order to do this work? Do you have to learn something new? Are there tools you'll need to learn, code you don't understand?
I will have to work in Javascript which is a language I am somewhat familiar with now, a lot of it thanks to 

  • Do a quick survey of your bug and what's going to be involved in fixing it. Sometimes we don't fully understand what a bug is all about until we start trying to work on it. After 30 mins of research you might discover that it's going to be easier or harder than you thought. How will you respond to that?
Working with the Destiny API will for sure prove to be a challenge. I will need to request my very own API key so that I am even able to work on this project. The code seems understandable enough and I have reached out to folks who seem to have some experience with the app.

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