Lab 9 - Read me

Adding appropriate documentation for your code is standard practice in any company you work for when dealing with a big, or even small project. Sometimes, code is not immediately apparent to others, and functions that one may think are pretty straight-forward, actually aren't. Setting up an environment can also be something that is very time consuming, having that type of information can cut down the time it'll take for someone to contribute to your project. As such, I added a Readme section to my project, where labs 6/7 and 8 were. I also added comments to my functions so it is clearer to others as to what the function is actually doing. I was aware of the existence of Markdown, thanks to the two terms I have spent as a coop for two different companies, it was fun to see how other students set all of their Readme sections differently. As for the reviewing part of the lab, I did so for this project, where I created a pull request to fix some typos and to add a link to their License.

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